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Moving Lines

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Joined: April 21, 2014
Card Count: 7
Card Worth: 7
Princesses: 000
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I actually have a very long list of decks I'd like to collect so I'm just going to go ahead and say that if you don't know what to offer me, I will probably accept any cards from decks for the following movies:

- Beauty and the Beast
- Frozen
- Lilo & Stitch
- Mulan
- Ponyo
- Wreck It Ralph
- Alice in Wonderland
- Bambi
- How To Train Your Dragon
- Kungfu Panda
- Kungfu Panda 2
- UP
- Wall-E
- Cinderella
- Despicable Me
- Peter Pan
- Pocahontas
- Lion King
- The Little Mermaid
- Tangled

Of course, there are a few decks here and there that I may not want to collect and if you happen to offer me a card from one of those decks, I will check out your card post to see if there are any other cards I may want (and the likliness of me finding something I'd like is very high, I think). And if all of that fails, simply asking me to look at your card post (and putting 'card00' in the "card you'll give me" field) is fine as well. ^^

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